Ovina Yetu

Angola from root to plate,
with feeling and innovation.


OVINA YETU, in Umbundu, a native language of southern Angola, means “Our Product, Our Thing.”
The Ovina Yetu Foundation, a personal project of Chef Helt Araújo, emerges with the purpose of seeking knowledge about the lesser-known Angolan cuisine. Rich products, techniques, traditions, and other ancestral knowledge silently survive in the vast provinces of Angola, without documentation or dissemination.
Our path is focused on research, documentation, systematization, and written reflection to disseminate the history of Angolan gastronomy and native products, which contribute to the resilience of a people and the preservation of biodiversity and practices for sustainable cooking.


We have a multidisciplinary team with expertise in various areas of research and action, including social projects, biology, environmental preservation, photography, and chefs, to retell our story with a scientific and, above all, human foundation within local communities. Our goal is to investigate and unearth the roots of Angolan culinary culture, products, techniques, and other knowledge that are fading into oblivion. We aim to learn from local producers who use more sustainable production methods in harmony with Angolan ecosystems and still possess this knowledge.
Unearthing the roots of Angolan culinary culture.

Mobilization of the task force

Action of the multifaceted team in Angolan provinces.


Research, documentation, and systematization of products, techniques, and producers.


Reflection. Reinvention of ancestral culinary techniques. Creation of sustainable recipes. Compilation of Angolan culinary literature.


Dissemination of the concept among producers. Dynamization along the value chain. Application of the concept to the restaurant industry. Return of value to local communities. Creation of a legacy of resilience for future generations.


The Ovina Yetu Foundation has a task force led by Chef Helt Araújo:
  • Adiani Costa | Biologist
  • Maria Alves | Food Engineer
  • Rafael Marques | Sociologist
  • Laurinda Macedo ( Agrolider Farm) | Agronomist Team
  • Isabel Fontes | Sociologist specializing in Angolan food culture
  • Dra. Lina Alberto | Expert in the cuisine of the Congo region and northern Angola Umbutu
  • Associação Umbutu | Field research team
  • Dra. Agnela Barros | Anthropologist
  • Jessé | Photographer
  • Rosemaire Luís | Consultant
  • Paula da Kamy | Jurist and Activist
A growing team with its eyes set on the future of Angola.


Vale do Berro wine is an innovative project in the Namibe province, created by doctor and entrepreneur Paulo Murias. It represents the first authentic Angolan wine. This wine, supported by Chef Helt Araújo, is currently available in the Angolan market, with plans for future expansion into international markets.
Flor do Duke is a project inspired by Angolan roots and local products, with a particular focus on the Namibe region. It aims to create an authentically Angolan sensory experience. Through the dedication and shared experiences of its team members, Flor do Duke offers a distinctive menu inspired by the Ovina Yetu concept.
The Ovina Yetu project, created by Chef Helt Araújo, has a strategic partnership with Projecto Matéria, led by Chef João Rodrigues. Both projects share a common goal: to promote and showcase the gastronomic culture of their respective countries, Angola and Portugal. Beyond a professional partnership, this connection is the result of a deep friendship between the two Chefs who share the same values.